Chasing Pr’s is a community for everyday runners who want to make the most out of their training and achieve new personal records while managing work, family and life outside running.

Our goal is to share our knowledge, best tips and advice to help you achieve a new PR. Welcome!

About Us

Richelle Weeks

Richelle spent the first 10 years of her practice working in orthopaedics in Labrador, N.L. She relocated to Ottawa in 2018 and now specializes in the treatment of runners. 

An avid runner herself, Richelle’s professional focus is currently the incorporation of strength and conditioning to optimize performance, reduce injury and enhance rehabilitation. She believes there is always something to learn in the physiotherapy world. Therefore, Richelle is constantly scoping out the next course that will better enable her to help her clients.

Diego Alcubierre

Diego Alcubierre has been running his whole life.

He is an Ironman Certified Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, UESCA Certified Running Coach, a TRX Qualified Coach, and has a diploma in Sports and Nutrition from Wageningen University.

  • Boston Marathon Qualifier
  • 3rd Place in Nashville Half Marathon
  • Guinness World Record Holder
  • 4:47 Personal Best Mile
  • 16:40 Personal Best 5k
  • 36:18 Personal Best 10km
  • 1:21:06 Personal Best Half Marathon
  • 2:53:53 Personal Best Marathon
  • 10:54:54 Personal Best 80km
  • Ran 11 consecutive daily marathons to raise funds for childhood brain-tumour treatment.